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Welcome! I'm CDP (You can also call me Cosmac or Andrew) and this is "Version 5.2" of my silly little website.

A lot of things are being redone right now. I'm sorry if things look goofy, I just want to fix a lot of what I constantly seem to neglect.

Check out the various sections of the site by clicking on the pictures below!

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Want to chat? I'm not currently active on Discord due to some issues but my friend Colantia runs a nice little server!
Join with the following invite code: URGbuzDcvv

Need to contact me directly? I'm not good at responding, expect one to three months of wait, but the following methods work:
E-Mail: cosmac(at)cdp1802(dot)net
Mastodon: (at)cosmac(at)oldbytes(dot)space

Thanks for visiting!