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The Joy of Moving // 11.04.2024

I've been in the process of helping a buddy who's going to be moving house soon here. The actual "moving their stuff" part ain't bad, they're a drive that's all of seven turns away from me (and 124mi but I mean whatever hey only seven turns!). Ain't like they got a ton of stuff either, just a room in apartment and some extra on the side. The headache at the moment is with UHaul. Love 'em, don't get me wrong, but their online platform is hot ass. I tell them I want a unit at a location with $10k of insurance, I give them all my info, I pay it... the emails came through, the text saying I'm good to move in is here, but the online status? There's no order associated with my account, the "add an order to my account" thing is doing nothing, they say I didn't put any insurance on the unit, and nothing is fixing that. Golly gee I sure love having to contact customer support. Hope it works out fairly quick.

Rant aside, I know all that can be cleared up with a phone call, I ended up just getting a 10'x10'x10' (actually two 5'x10's at this location, okay whatever friend's stuff can go in one then mine in the other that's easy) because I'm onto cleaning my basement. There's a good, shit, 1200sqft down here? Maybe more? Probably more. Of that 1200sqft, maybe 150sqft is "usable" in the sense that you can walk around it and get to things. The rest of it is almost entirely stacks of computers, radio gear, games, random cardboard I never threw out, and random projects I never finished. It ain't an absolute episode of Hoarders, I have no bug/rodent issues because it's all pretty damn clean stuff, but it's just a massive waste of space/fire hazard waiting to go off. Because of all that, an idea in my head goes something like this:

Once a week, Monday or Tuesday, I'll go to the basement and take one Jeep-load of stuff upstairs. Garbage will get tossed, cardboard will get burned, systems which are completely toasted beyond reasonable repair (lol like 40 PC98s) will get moved into the dining room for processing out any/all useful parts, and then things like systems which I can work on (or even just working systems) will get put into the car. That should open up anywhere from 50sqft to 200sqft of floor. Said car of stuff will go to the unit, said stuff in the car will go in the unit, I'll go home. I'll clean the area all the stuff sat, mop the floor/clean the rug/whatever else. I'll go to the unit once or twice during the week and pull out systems so I can do little write-ups on them. I'll figure out what I want to do regarding storage in the house (should I put up shelving? could some of the stuff go into a different area of the house in a setup? would the stuff be better-off in another home and when could I give/sell it to someone else?). Come say Saturday, I'll bring home everything I've found a place for. Rinse and repeat. Who knows, maybe by the end of this year I'll finally have clean storage and a usable workspace by just slowly processing everything?

I promise I'll get working on stuff on here in time, I've just been so "not in it" because I've just had a lot of other stuff to do. Work's kinda busy, coworker and I are hitting the gym every night for 30mins-1hr, two rooms had their rugs properly cleaned and walls repainted, new patio furniture got put up, garage got opened up, shed's getting a new ramp built, siding is having an issue that's requiring working with the manufacturer... update on a bad 6502 idea and the still-badly-named "CDP-11/04" will come soon lol

We still haven't bought tickets for airsoft games yet and I need to go get on my buddies about that, we need a list of names sooner than later. I don't mind paying $20 extra if we take an extra two weeks but hey, if I can save $20 then why not? I also still haven't gotten any responses from Cleveland Gaming Classic about electrical at the tables, gonna shoot out yet another email because the prior two and the like four attempts at Facebook/website contact haven't done anything.

I'm excited. This weekend is going to be a bit busy, sure, but that's fine. It'll be fun, next week should be chill (and I get a nice extra bonus on my pay which will finish up savings for Europe/pay down my credit cards/pay off PayPal), the weekend after will be nice albeit a bit sad since I'll have to say goodbye to a buddy for a few months, and then after that as long as cleaning goes well it's kinda all just smooth sailing.

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