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Welcome to CDP1802's Stuff!

I'm Cosmac, a dude from Pennsylvania who just wants somewhere nice to talk about his various hobbies.

This is V5 of the site. I still have no idea how things like CSS work so I apologize but this "text-on-beige" format is as much as you'll be getting. I also apologize for the continual lack of content/finished pages, working every day for half a year makes that hard.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a nice rest of your day!

Things Being Worked On:
Airsoft - Redoing the entire section
Computers - Using a Greaseweazle to digitize 8" Mitsubishi Multi16 Disks
Homebrew - Making a 68K Computer with Colantia
Sales - Listing stuff for sale

Contact Information:
Discord: CDP # 1802
Discord Server: discord(dot)gg/2BM2P6J7sb