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Welcome to yet another reset!

After a few months down, I feel like it's finally time to get stuff back on this little mess that I like to call home.

I decided I'd play around with changing formatting a little bit. My old model of "everything is made to be 800px wide" wasn't playing too great with some clients I was using to edit/browse. Apologies for things being a weird line down the middle.

All the old content got wiped; expect things to be "dead" for a little while. The current "writing plan" is making things relating to upcoming events. I'll make a section to detail my LARPy shenanigans within the 10th Gojyrian Penal Brigade (airsoft), I'd like to detail whatever's coming to Cleveland Gaming Classic (computers), and documenting Wacken '24 (music) is something that should be fun.

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