CDP1802's Stuff

Hello! I'm CDP, this is my site (CDP1802's Stuff), and things are once again under construction.

I thought I could do some little edits to the site that was here and be happy but nah, turns out that was wrong, so for the sake of trying to make myself happy I'm pulling everything down until I find a format that I like a little more.

I'll post little status updates here as they come until I find that "happy point". Until then, welcome to the beige void I guess.

Still Down - Feb. 17th, 2024

Things are slowly, but surely, getting worked on. I haven't put much work into the site over the last two weeks, I won't deny that I got caught up in a bunch of cleaning/a concert/things getting a little busy at the job. That said, I have done a few things which relate back to here. I have two little computer ideas being worked on in downtime, I'm slowly playing through a game or two, I figured I could write about some more random hobby things like music, and a friend bought a really goofed-up old system for me to document then get working for them. I'm still struggling with a lot of things, frustrations over all sorts of bits are really getting to me right now, but I'm just trying to avoid them and stay as positive as I can. No promise when things will be back but I hope I can commit to working on things enough that it's "sooner" rather than "later".