Maruzen KG9 BV

I've always had a decent interest in classic airsoft replicas. They use a system we just don't see these days, they seem interesting internally, and they were before a lot of the Japanese regulation we're familiar with.

When ComradeQuiche on the Classic Airsoft Discord put this Maruzen KG9 up for sale, a replica I think looks really cool, I knew I had to jump on the opportunity to buy it.

Inside the package we get the replica itself, a spare magazine, an adapter to make it use a standard air line, the belt clip for the old remote, and an unjamming rod.

The replica itself built similarly to the real deal itself. A glass-filled polymer lower with a steel upper on top, this thing is neither small or light. It feels quite amazing to say the least.

Operation is simle enough, just fill the magazines up with BBs (I think they hold 90?) then connect an air line (75psi max, anything over will set off an over-pressure release valve). A half-pull on the trigger will give you semi-auto fire, you'll hit a "wall", then a full pull will give you full-auto fire. By locking the bolt back, engaging a "safety", you can block the trigger from pulling all the way back to semi-auto.

Huge thanks to ComradeQuiche for tearing the replica down and cleaning it before mailing it out to me. It has some issues feeding and we're not entirely sure why, all we know is that one magazine works better than the other. I suspect, as we both loaded 0.3s then 0.32s into a gun from when 0.2s were the heaviest BB available, the magazine springs may be the point of failure? It seems they don't push BBs hard enough to the chamber. When the magazine is fully loaded, the gun can struggle to feed. When the magazine is empty, the gun can struggle to feed the last few BBs.

These don't use standard modern magazine springs which give a somewhat "double-stack" effect, instead only a single-BB channel, so I can't just go buy any AEG magazine spring kits. I'll tear one of these apart, measure the dimensions, order some various springs from McMaster-Carr, and maybe see about 3D printing new followers. If it means more KG-9 magazines can be fixed up then I think that would be good!

Newer KG9 (Echo1 GAT, RWA KG9) models don't use the same placement for feeding so, sadly, adapting new magazines to this old replica may not work. Still, as finding original magazines is proving tougher than finding the more rare GBB model magazines, I may also look into 3D printing the top plastic portion which engages with the replica itself. It's just a simple channel and it would be interesting to adapt this for using something like cheaper MP5 magazines.

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