Modify OTs-126

After a fair few years out of airsoft, I was looking for a cool way to get back into the game. My whole deal when Erie Indoor existed was being "the guy with the weird stuff" and well, why quit? M4s are boring and I enjoy poor financial decisions. I was originally going to get an ICS L86A2, a replica I wanted when I was a kid, but then I saw this:

This is the Modify OTs-126. It's a GBBR, I paid $500 for it (MSRP), and I personally think it's beautiful.

This is what the whole setup looks like. Add two speedloaders on my belt and, well, that's all I take for a simple day at the field.

I've fielded the OTs four times in 2022. What issues have come up?

When I went to use the included magazine, it seems an O-Ring wasn't seated properly from the factory. My output valve started leaking after three fills and I was sad.

A quick disassembly, cleaning, re-greasing, re-seating, and reassembly fixed everything up fine.

For some reason, every time I take this to field, the same issue happens on another magazine that it hasn't happened on before. Maybe I should just disassemble my other three and re-seat them before they go down as well?

Speaking of the included magazine, it uses a softer orange gasket on the gas output. It's pretty obvious that part of the nozzle is shredding said softer orange gasket. As the magazine quit making a good seal, I swapped the gasket out and haven't had the issue since.

For tips from the makers themselves, Modify has a YouTube playlist documenting all of the common issues and fixes.

Their "How to clear the trigger malfunction" video will most likely come extremely helpful as, once you get V2 internals, it's the only common issue that seems to come up. For example, after four hours on-field during my first time running the thing, I lost my trigger reset. They mentioned that the trigger pin being loose may cause it, I tapped my pin back to the right (tighten), and my issue was fixed.

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