CDP1802's Blog, Revision 4


Welcome to the new blog, now featuring less "wall of text" and more "organized pages of thoughts"!

This part of the site is going to look dead for a while as I fill it up with entries.

Entry 1: "Take Four" | Injured feet, ROMs, heavy music, and a cat picture. What more do you actually need in life?
Entry 2: "Cleaning Week" | Picking up my mess, a very wide NEC computer, and a quick overview on my start into Tokyo Marui GBBRs.
Entry 3: "SCSI Heck" | Revisiting SCSI, my greatest enemy in retro computing, and somehow sort-of getting the start of a functional setup?
Entry 4: "The P Means Pizza" | Trying out a pizza oven, fixing an A-Mate, and thinking about what to do with my weekend.