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EVENT: Cleveland Gaming Classic 2023
I've got it on my "Conventions" page and I'll talk about it here, I'll be showing up to Cleveland Gaming Classic 2023 running Table 500 alongside Noelle aka Amelie Doree.
The plan is to bring out a good variety of extra stuff, free junk, and neat foreign computer setups for people to play and buy. I currently have fourteen NES games, seven Sega Master System games, two PC Engines, two Sega Mega Drives, three PC98s, a FM-R, five laserdisc sets, and two whole totes of spare "parts" Famicoms and Playstation 1s packed and ready to go. It's all priced to around a combined $1,000, everything should be under eBay to ensure people actually buy the stuff, with any cash made over $450 going to Noelle. She's also going to bring a little bit of stuff, mostly import games, for sale. Addition: I'm being given two pachislo games, Mephisto and Lupin III, and a Sega 32X with some games which will also be coming along!
I am slightly rushing packing due to the nature of only having two days next week but I think I'll be just fine. It should be a good show, I'm excited to see how much stuff I can get rid of, and if all goes right I'll have a much more open basement.

EVENTS: Concerts
I'll be in Boston from September 13th to September 17th for a handful of concerts.
All the shows are now over, all the shows were also really good. Dance with the Dead/Beast in Black was at the Middle East (Downstairs), a small and really sweaty but also really fun venue for some really fun music where I got two shirts. Visions of Atlantis and Delain was at the Palladium (Upstairs), a little stage set up next to a bar and balcony which was honestly pretty pleasant. I got to see korgied from my Discord server there, I got two more shirts, and we went for dinner after which was cool. Make them Suffer, Northlane, The Amity Affliction, and Parkway Drive were behind the Worcester Palladium in a big 'ol parking lot as Day 1 of the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. I got two more shirts, I got a patch, I got beat up because I was towards the front, and I had a really good time. Finally there was I See Stars, ERRA, and Bad Omens at the Roadrunner. I stood by the soundboard the whole show and all the acts were amazing, I walked out with four more shirts.
Today's the 17th and my buddy and I are just relaxing. He's beat up, I'm beat up, we've been doing this for four days straight, and we've spent more money than we probably needed to. That said, it was all really good.

Colantia wants me to head to the VCF Swap Meet at InfoAge in October 2023 to find her a VIC-20 and an Atari 8-bit. I can't turn down getting paid to go shopping for old computers, it would also be a fun time to bring out a project or two to work on.
The current plan is that I'll be showing up alongside Noelle aka Amelie Doree, we'll be hanging out at the swap meet trying to find something cool and then we'll be at the repair workshop. I don't know exactly what I'm going to bring out as a project just yet but I know I have a handful of candidates. The H11 could come by, so could the H9 or the DECWriter IV as I need to get all of those reworked and stable for the future. The inbound PFU A-Micro would maybe be neat, it's an entirely undocumented 68k-based workstation modeled after a line of superminis, and so could its older relative the FACOM 9450-II which I still have yet to dive too deep into.

Event Planning: 2024

I'm trying to figure out what I want to do in 2024.
One thing is set, my buddy and I are going to Wacken Open Air, as tickets are already bought. I got our tickets in the ~7,400 range so we get the Faster Bundle shirt, pretty cool, and we should be setting up things like the airplane come the end of this year.
I probably won't be making CCAG 2024 if it falls on the same weekend as the last two years. Wacken will be the week after and I'd like to be in Boston that Saturday night to make sure we're good for flying out on Sunday.
Colantia is asking me to do up to two VCF events, East and Midwest, and it depends how things go with the Swap Meet. Maybe?
A few people asked me to go to anime conventions but I just don't really care for much anime. I've tried about thirty different series on Laserdisc and so far only three things, Maison Ikkoku, Perfect Blue, and Gundam 0080, have been remotely enjoyable. Multiple discs I bought to try were ruined for me before even seeing them, I now entirely refuse to watch Akira from the latest box because of how agressively someone pushed it on me instead of letting me take it at my own pace. I also just have no real desire to go to something like a Kalahari as I dislike swimming pools, a massive convention center in DC as I don't like 10k+ crowds, or another college campus event because the one I'm familiar with was a bad environment.
What does this all mean? I have no idea. As new things come up I'll throw them on here, as opinions shift I'll adjust what I've said.

Pages I'm Writing
I have nothing set up to write at the moment
That said, I recently got a PC-9801VF and a FC-9801V that I enjoy. I'm sure I'll have a page after CGC '23, I might put some stuff up about the upcoming concerts, I've been slowly playing through a few games that got recommended to me, and I might eventually get the Heathkit H11 going.

Tabletop Stuff
Colantia pushed me to start working on revising my old Cyberpunk 2020 game that I called the "Burritoverse" into a new form. I'm slowly working on building a "core page" for it, I'm just calling it cdpunk, which should serve as a combination rulebook for players + sourcebook of the universe + game logger + recruitment site.
I have no plan for it to be done any time "soon" as I won't have time to run games until 2024. That being said, I have a few mornings coming up in Boston quite soon and then the rest of the year will be running on a much tighter budget as I try to save meaning that "free" things like this will get more focus.

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