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Take Four

May 13th, 2023 | 0144 - 0218

I've been meaning to put some amount of honest work into this part of the website for a while. I don't dislike how I have things structred as the massive wall of text has a certain (crappy) charm to me, I just don't exactly like how laggy the Neocities web-based editor gets with 854 lines of HTML in thick paragraphs. I've also wanted to include things such as:

Since motivation is apparently rising over the ongoing foot-related pain, I figure I may as well do something "productive" (probably not the right term, maybe "entertaiing" works better?) with the few hours I'll still be awake.

Mentioning the "ongoing foot-related pain" above, I was rushing to get to work and smashed my right foot into an opened PC-9801DS. The sheet metal bracket which holds the front bezel was facing towards me.

I don't think I need stitches, the gouge isn't that deep, but I did almost remove a good chunk of flesh. Lucky me it isn't still bleeding but man, climbing ladders and lugging gear all day was a bit harder with that part of my foot constantly burning.

I guess I shouldn't keep torn-down PCs on the floor. This isn't the first time I've done this, I honestly had to get stitches from kicking part of a PDP-11 once before and it's seriously embarassing to admit that. Maybe I'm just not good at learning from my mistakes? I think that's what I'll tell myself as I proceed to put yet another metal object next to my foot.

I've been dumping some ROMs recently. If any of these things are of interest to you, please download 'em! I'm not sure who exactly needs any of this stuff but the more spread around the internet, the better (or so I think).

Fujitsu FM-11 - All Motherboard ROMS
NEP-16T (PC-9801R/D Internal SCSI Board)
NABU PC Keyboard

I do have somewhat large ) plans (that will probably take six months to come to fruition) for the SORD M68MX stuff, my friend Colantia had me import the machine as she really enjoys 68K-based stuff. Finding software has proven to be a joke, I'm certain some random FTP exists somewhere on the internet but so far I don't think anyone has anything useful digitized.

A Japanese hobbyist named tunozemichan was running a series about working on porting things such as ZBug and CP/M-68K to the MX but it seems that the project died out in 2021 as they moved to the plain SORD M68. I don't blame them, it may not support as much RAM but it's a much neater system sporting both a Z80 and a 68000 together. I think it's also just the more desirable machine.

I took some time on the car rides to/from work to listen to a few new albums which is always pretty enjoyable.

The Amity Affliciton put out Not Without My Ghosts which I enjoyed, I haven't actually heard much of their stuff after Let the Ocean Take Me. I'm glad to say that their current stuff still sounds as good to current me as older songs like Pittsburgh did to teenage me. It was a lot heavier, holy hell the subject matter on some of it is depressing, but they did a really good job with it. I'll be seeing 'em later in the year as they're on tour with Parkway Drive, I'm taking four days off work to go to Boston and hit up way too many concerts with a friend the weekend before Cleveland Gaming Classic, and I'm excited.

The Acacia Strain put out Step Into The Light and Failure Will Follow, the former featuring usual-length tracks and the latter comprised of three long compositions. Another case of "I haven't heard this band in a while", I know I listened to Chhinnamasta a year or so ago but before that I think Wormwood was the last album of theirs that I honestly gave a full listen. They're both pretty sick projects and there's a shot I pop a Friday off work next weekend to go see these dudes in Syracuse, I could go for another solid show.

Not entirely new but a coworker bought me a Haarper shirt as a way to say "hey give this dude a listen" so I checked out a track of theirs from three weeks ago called Dead Space. It's enjoyable, my head hasn't been in the right space to be listening to that style of music but whenever I want something that the whole darker bassy sound works with (is it just a weird modern Soundcloud-born Memphis Rap?) I could see myself throwing it on. Cool shirt as well, I'll update this post after sleep with a photo of it and that SeeYouSpaceCowboy hoodie I got from the Silvestein show.

Did I ever mention that I enjoy merch? I exclusively wear polos and khakis or merch. It's bad.

I mailed off some PC98 stuff earlier in the week and that felt good.

Finally, after months (a year? god only knows at this point) of saying I would, I sold Pioneer from the 'ol Discord a 9821V10 w/SBNA and a 9821Cx. I just want an excuse to put this photo here because I think it's really satisfying to see something I was nervous about mailing off working:

(To Pioneer: If you don't want this image on here, just say and I'll change it out for the one of the stuff before I packed it. Nice cat by the way!)

I guess it'll be a few days or so between posts with this longer format. Maybe not? I dunno, I'm still going to write at whatever pace stuff hits me. I guess I'm just also going to put a little more thought into things.