I enjoy collecting and fixing old computers, there's something kinda fun about it all. Taking a dead machine and making it work is pretty satisfying. I've also been trying to learn how to make new things for computers, something I've been failing at but find the idea of to be pretty cool.

A friend (Colantia) and I are starting work on our own little 68K-based system, the Coal Burner. Page writing is starting on March 18th/19th of 2023.

Check it out here!

Mitsubishi ML-8000 (MSX, 1983) - The first MSX. Also my first MSX.
Pioneer PX-V7 (MSX, 1984) - A MSX1 which can interface to LaserDisc players. Also the page for "MSX-PG", a WIP LD-700 simulator for Pioneer-interface MSXes.