Computers are a thing I like. I collect old ones, I build new ones. I fix them up for fun. I use them for all sorts of stuff. If it wasn't for computers, I wouldn't be me.

Homebrew (Mine)

There's nothing complete yet, but the list of active projects goes as-follows:
CD-1802 - An Elf-ish built out of the '77 Byte magazine catalogs.
CD-6502 - A 6502 system also built out of the '77 Byte magazine catalogs.
MSX-PG - A modern Laserdisc "emulator" for Pioneer MSX1s like my PX-V7.
Pyuuta Sr. - A modernized Pyuuta Jr. with less DRAM, more MSX joystick connectors, and composite output.

Stuff I've Got

Wonder what random junk I've managed to get my hands on? This is the section for just that!
Click on a picture to view a page about that system. Some will be quite basic, others may contain things like accessories or homebrew projects!

Homebrew (Not Mine)
Ohio Scientific
Texas Instruments

Tips and Notes

I'll occasionally have a useful thought or want to parrot something that someone else said.
I'll try to do my best to throw all of that info here!

Tip - Western mice on NEC PC-98s

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