Computers are a thing I like. I collect old ones, I build new ones. I fix them up for fun. I use them for all sorts of stuff. If it wasn't for computers, I wouldn't be me.


There's nothing here at the moment, but expect within a month (it's November 13th, 2023) for there to be some sort of status/log on the following things:
"Pyuuta Sr." - A slightly modernized clone of the Tomy Pyuuta Jr. which I started on months ago, made a schematic for, got on perfboard, but just didn't route to PCBs.
CD-1802 - My own little COSMAC Elf-ish built like it's '77, a 2MHz CPU + 1-4K of 2114 RAM + 2K of ROM via a 2716 in a goofy little metal-and-wood box.
MTVT - Adapting my wire wrap TV Typewriter to PCBs because thirteen-year-old me didn't do a good job and the thing keeps screwing up.

Anything I make is gonna have files posted upon completion and I'll probably run kits to take with me to shows.

Systems I Own

Wonder what random stuff I've managed to get my hands on? This little preview gallery shows you exactly that!
Click on a picture to view a page about that system. Some will be quite basic, others may contain things like accessories or homebrew projects!

Tips and Notes

I'll occasionally have a useful thought or want to parrot something that someone else said.
I'll try to do my best to throw all of that info here!

Tip - Western mice on NEC PC-98s

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