Macintosh Quadra 660AV

Apple | 1993 | 68040 @ 25MHz | 8MB RAM | Color via DB15

I love the 68000-based Macs, they're about the only ones I'm interested in as I don't nessecarily see much personal appeal to PPC or Intel CPUs, and the ones with 68040s were always cool to me. Quadra 660AVs have been on my list as "Macs maybe worth looking into" since they have that full 68040 with all the good bits to them, 25MHz not being the fastest but still more than respectable, but I just haven't seen one at a price I was willing to pay.

Sometimes I just go on eBay and find the goofiest little things to buy. Provided this thing works, this is going to be up there for me. Pretty much, I saw this listed as "APPLE MACINTOSH MOTHERBOARD" for all of (after a seller offer) $15 shipped to my door. It looked visually okay, all the chips are there, they said it worked until the PSU in the system itself crapped out, and the PRAM battery was taken out before it caused any major damage so I said "sure why not" 'cause all else failing a $15 68040 seems like a nice little deal.

There is some slight capacitor leakage from C6 and C11, nothing major but still a very light film of brownish goop on the top of the board which I'll definitely be cleaning off. All the SME cans are going to go as I assume the rest will vomit out their goop soon, the ones started so I trust none of 'em.

I'm currently trying to find the power supply pinout that way I can at least test the thing out. I know it wants ~12A of +5V, ~3A of +12V, and ~0.5A of -12V as I found a picture of a (very corroded) DCF803 label, I have bench supplies to give me all of those voltages, I just need to know where to put them! If it works, the thing powers up and gives me some video, I'll be getting a little metal or acrylic project box to put this in with some supplies, a fan, and a BlueSCSI. It won't be as pretty as the real deal but hey, I think it would still be neat! It can be my $40 68040. Ha.

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