NEC PC-8001Mk2

NEC | 1982 | Z80 @ 4MHz | 64KB RAM | Monochrome via DIN5 -> Composite, Color via DIN8 -> EIAJ (CGA, 15KHz)

A while back I got this one NEC monitor, a PC-8044K, and I thought it looked super sick. Guess what came with it?

The PC-8001Mk2, the second PC-8001, is a really neat little computer.
It's still the good 'ol PC-8001, a Z80 with some DRAM and some ROM that does all your computing goodies, but it integrates a ton of features that used to require a PC-8011/PC-8013 expander alongside some cards. You'll find that RS232, a 320K floppy interface, a printer port, a joystick port, and two PC-8801-style expansion connectors are around the back making the formerly plain grey slab into a now quite "complete" little machine!

I have yet to actually do much with this system as I'm waiting to do preventative maintenance on said PC-8044K monitor, the image is really shaky and flickery making me believe that it's on the verge of something popping inside, but I can guarantee that I'll have a fair bit on here ('cause I have a YM2203 card that would work great in here) once that's all done. Fow now, enjoy some pictures!

Front Back Top Off Motherboard
CPU BU S + ASIC 1 of 4 ROMs + RTC Battery RAM

And of course, we can't show a RTC battery without then showing it being clipped out.
Sorry little dude, I just don't want my nice old system with four custom ICs inside that I probably can't replicate without a lot of headache getting nuked by ya!
(If the battery proves important, so far I see nothing that even uses it except maybe CP/M, I'll re-install a modern battery probably on a holder run to the outside of the case.)

Doesn't it look neat when it's all set up? It's just missing some floppy drives, lucky me I have a PC-80S31 for the next iteration of this picture!

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