Panafacom | 1983 | Dual MN1613 @ ?MHz | 384KB RAM | 640x480 Monochrome/Color Display

A beefy workstation from the early '80s, I don't know much about this box but I'd love to see it running!

Bezel Configuration Card Cage Frontpanel
MDC RAM GPIB/Serial Drives

I've taken steps to verify that this system can be powered safely, there's an absolutely huge 5V30A power supply along the back of the case, so I'm currently in the process of figuring out exactly how to get video. There's a CN24 connector on the back of the system labeled "CRT", I just need to sit down with a scope and find my syncs/color signals.

Something really neat about my 9450-II is that the hard disk still works! An emufile and raw dump of my fixed disk using a Geisswin MFM emulator can be downloaded off archive.org. Please grab it and freel free to spread it around! You can snoop through the raw dump using HxD and find all sorts of neat little files.

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