FACOM 9450 II (Panafacom, 1983)

A really neat professional system from the PANAFACOM group, this MN1613-based color workstation has basically no info about it anywhere that I can find. I picked one up a year or so ago and I'd really love to see it work so I plan on documenting the whole process.

This page is gonna take me a while, I'm still in the process of figuring out the "CRT" connection (A 24-pin Centronics port that carries the monitor signals, keyboard + mouse hookups, and a light pen input), but I have some cool photos and other stuff to share!

The hard disk in my unit, a PANAFACOM M03L-011-0005 (Nippon Peripherals NP05-13S3, 10.5MB full-height 5.25" disk drive), amazingly still works. I was able to hook it to a Geisswin MFM Reader/Emulator and make a dump of all the data on it, currently the only digitized FACOM software that I know of. You can download it off this archive.org page and I promise that at some point through this discovery/repair/boot process I'll dump all the ROMs the thing has in case there's any interest!

Here's a bunch of photos:

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