NEC PC-9821As3

NEC | 1994 | PODP5V83 (Pentium Overdrive @ 83MHz) | 7.2MB RAM | Color via DA15 (VGA, 24KHz)

My least favorite of the "A-Mate" series of PC-9821s, mostly out of frustration. As3/Ap3s are something which have given me more headaches than good experiences.

The pictured system is the seventh third-generation A-Mate which I've owned. It's also the third that has worked for more than three months without needing a major repair done to it. Am I extremely unlucky? Are these unreliable systems? I don't have an honest answer, I just know that I don't enjoy these systems after all the headaches they've caused me at the price they run.

These don't contain any "game gear capacitors" like earlier A-Mates, you won't have to deal with leaking motherboard capacitors, but make sure to replace your audio daughterboard capacitors! The hot power supply hovering right above the poor SME cans has generally caused them to leak and make the audio output go weak.

Front Back CPU Area Power Supply

At some point I plan on taking my four dead systems and attempting to diagnose why they won't work happily. I know that one is missing the video clock but I don't know much about the other three.

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