NEC | 1989 | i286 @ 12MHz | 640K + 1MB RAM | B&W Display, External Color via DA15

Ever want a 9801VX that you can lug around with you?
The PC-9801LX is a fun machine. It's no laptop, it takes up a decent amount of space and has a whole carrying handle so you can move it around, but it is a portable. It's specced like a funny PC-9801VX with a built-in display, two 3.5" (1.2MB) floppy drives, and a tenkeyless keyboard (you can enable the numpad using a toggle switch).

It's not exactly amazing for things like gaming, there's no FM here (and your only route to expansion is through a very silly cable in the back), but it is quite the fun machine to play simple RPGs on.

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