NEC Bungo 15D

NEC | 1985 | 8086-2 @ 8MHz | 128KB RAM | ?? Video (Presumably Color)

Another funny "professional" offering from NEC, here's a word processor that I'm still trying to figure out.

I really don't have much to write about for this... I don't have a keyboard or video, the hard disk doesn't want to happily dump (but it does boot to something when it's in the computer), and I can't find any info on this.
Some day I'd like to figure out the video output, it can't be that bad because this just looks like the video + text/font ROM portion of an original PC-9801 on one board and CPU + I/O stuff on the second.

I'll get dumps of all the ROMs at some point soon, I just need some way to get data off the 231000s (I assume they're just kanji ROMs but hey)

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