Kazuhiro Ouchi | 2022 | CDP1802 @ 1.79MHz | RS232 to Terminal

A really cute experiment in seeing how few chips you can use to make a functional CDP1802-based computer.
This is something that caught my eye when I actually used Twitter, a tiny SBC that has a full system capabale of running the IDIOT monitor on a real dinky circuit board, and it's charming as all heck to hold.

I don't actually have mine working just yet. I'm missing the PIC18, I put it in a programmer and then proceeded to forget where I put the programmer, but whenever I get the thing in the computer I'll take a shot of it working and post it here. It might cool to build this into something like my Heath H9 terminal.

The one picture is the whole emu1802-mini next to a (being built) Quest Super ELF, isn't it cool how small it is?

Unpopulated Populated Size

You can find all of the emu1802 resources in this GitHub repository. Give kanpapa's projects a good look if you like silly little computers, they have all sorts of neat projects!

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