Oki if800 model10

Oki | 1980 | Z80A @ 4MHz | 32KB RAM | Integrated Printer, Black-and-White via DIN6, Color via Expansion Card

Another one of those "it looked cool so I bought it!" machines.

Similarly to the Seiko 5900, this is an early Japanese business computer that I know almost nothing about. It did come with the box, manuals, and paperwork which was cool.

For what I understand Seiko, similarly to Mitsubishi, advertised these as "all-business" systems. They didn't want any entertainment software on their hardware, no games here. Joke's on them, once I get things working (I'm missing one voltage from the power supply) I'm going to write a game for it!

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If you ever get one of these, be careful picking it up. The top pops right off without much effort, it's just held on with two metal posts that go into friction-fit clips, so always pick it up by the bottom!

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