NABU PC (NABU, 1982)

Some time in I think 2022, this one seller on eBay happened to just have a thousand or so of new-in-box NABU PCs. They're old Canadian systems specced pretty nicely, Z80 + TMS9918 + AY-3-8910, and there's this whole community forming around getting the things working over the air in modern times. I figured, since they're so popular and still available, why not get my hands on one?

I haven't actually wrote anything yet.

I haven't actually wrote anything for here yet so this is a placeholder page for the thing below:

Keyboard Dumps

While talking with people on Discord, I was told that nobody in the months these have been available dumped the keyboard ROM. I find that really odd, isn't backing up all the ROMs the first thing to do with systems that aren't well-documented?

To solve this issue, I just did it myself. You can now find the 2716 dump on by clicking this link.

I know that a lot of these systems come with keyboards, needing a replacement keyboard isn't a huge issue for 99% of the people getting into the NABU PC, but I feel like having the resources out there for the future may be nice to do.

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