PC-8801MkII model 10

NEC | 1983 | Z80 @ 4MHz | 64K RAM | Color or B&W Video

The PC-8801MkII is a neat slimmed-down PC-8801.

Sure you lose two expansion ports but in return you gain things like floppy drive bays and a newer style of keyboard!

This particular one started life with no disk drives, a "model 10" configuration meant to just load cassette tapes as the cheapest in the series.
The previous owner, wanting floppy drives, put a pair of black-bezeled TEAC FD-55-Bs in. You'll see this pop up on Yahoo Auctions and they're jokingly referred to as "pandas" because it's two black "eyes" on the face of the computer.
I wonder if black was chosen as it was cheaper to buy compared to other colors? It's common enough to have a nickname...

You'll notice I have no power supply in the pictures, it's because the stock one was dead. These images are from a while back, early 2022 at the newest, and I have added a new power supply since then. I just don't want to pull the computer out of its current setup to get a new photo.

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