NEC PC-9821Ra266

NEC | 1996 | Pentium II @ 266MHz | 128MB RAM | Whatever the heck VGA a Voodoo Banshee does

I'm a sucker for the early NEC PC-9801s, I think they're beautiful x86 boxes, but you can't deny the allure of a 9821Ra. They're such odd systems, NEC's last stand to keep their own PC98 architecture going while supporting how massive Windows was getting, and they're really cool for that!

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Something really cool about this specific Ra266 is that I got lucky on the VRM!
Some 9821Ras have HIP6004CBs, other have 6004ACBs. CBs can supply a voltage between 1.3VDC to 3.5VDC while ACBs can only supply between 1.8VDC to 3.5VDC.
All this means is that I can put a later processor with a lower core voltage into the system, say a 766MHz Celeron, without any special slotket!

If you were wondering: Yes, it can run Doom.
It can also run a silly little Doom mod that fits the PC98 game library a bit better...

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