Seiko 5900

Seiko | 1979 | 8085 @ ?MHz | 16KB RAM? | Integrated VFD Display

What I can only assume to be a programmable calculator with a floppy drive and BASIC.
I bought it because I thought it looked cool, it does power on (and give an error because it can't find an operating system to boot), and I'm currently in the process of dumping the ROMs + the MCS-48s. The computer definitely has an interesting build, the case gets propped open like a car hood and the motherboard has two 8041s + an 8049 + an 8085 to run all the bits!
If you have any info on the BASIC disk for this, please do tell! I'd love to see it. If I can't find one then I guess I'll have to port something myself.

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