One of the only times I actually get out of the house, conventions are something I enjoy.

You'll see me running tables at a few shows here and there. My current "limit" is stuff within three or so hours of Erie, PA (because I can reasonably sleep then get up, drive, and set up if it's a one-day thing) but maybe some day I'll try going farther.

Upcoming Shows

I'll be showing up to Cleveland Gaming Classic to run a table alongside Noelle aka Amelie Doree. The goal's going to be having all sorts of funky little systems for people to play with, notably old Japanese computers alongside new homebrew creations, and selling enough extra stuff to clear a shelf out/pay for the trip/pass Noelle some cash.

The current list of things for sale goes as-follows:
NES Games: Uncharted Waters (CIB, $80), Magic of Scheherade (Boxed, $40), Dungeon Magic (Boxed, $40), Bard's Tale (CIB, $30), Ultima 3 (Boxed, $20), Ultima 4 (Boxed, $20), Anticipation (Boxed, $10), Final Fantasy (Loose, $10), Mega Man 3 (Loose, $10), Win, Lose, or Dare (Boxed, $10, and about eight other loose games for $3 a pop.
SMS Games: Dick Tracy (CIB, $50) and about seven other CIB games for $5 a pop.
Atari 2600 Games: Tennis, Chopper Command, Pitfall, Stampede, Megamania, Fishing Derby, Laser Blast, and Starmaster for $3 a pop. Buy all of them and the storage case they're in for $20.
N64 Games: Goldeneye (Loose, $10), Perfect Dark (Loose, $10), 007 TWINE (Loose, $5), Rainbow Six (Loose, $5)
Other Games:Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles (CIB, $20), VIC-20 Omega Race (Loose, $2), Genesis Shaq-Fu (Loose, $2)
Consoles: PC Engines (Console + Blodia, $45 Each), Epoch TV Vader (Boxed with a slight RF tuning issue, $15), Sega Genesis (Japanese VA5, US VA7, $20 Each)
Computers:FMR-30BX (1MB RAM, Handful of dead pixels, $40), PC-9801E (8086-2, 128KB RAM + 512K RAM Cards, +Keyboard, +DIN-VGA Adapter, $60), PC-9801DX (i286, 640KB RAM, -26K Sound, +SCSI Hardcard, +Keyboard, $100), PC-9801DS (i386SX, 640KB RAM, -26K Sound, $30), PC-9801DA (i386, 1.6MB RAM, -26K Sound, +SCSI Hardcard +Keyboard, $100), PC-9821V166 (Pentium 166MHz, 7.6MB RAM, $30), PC-9821V200 (Pentium 200MHz, 14.6MB RAM, $30), Microvoice Formula-1 ($75)
Free Stuff: 20x Japanese PS1s with slight issues + 12x Famicoms with slight issues, please take them off my hands!

I don't have a set list of stuff to show off just yet but expect a fair few homemade things, one or two PC-98 setups, the Kenbak-1, and gosh knows what else. I somewhat expect to sell out fairly quickly so there's a shot the table converts to a display instead of a vendor!

I can't speak on what Noelle will have but I'll be giving her as much table space as she likes. Make sure you come say hi to her as well!

If I'm smart I'll actually have things like business cards this time around. I'll, at the least, have a display with links to myself and Noelle's channels for anyone interested.

Previous Shows

Want to see what my table looked like at past shows? Click the preview for a larger copy!

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