Want to read me ramble about tabletop/video games?

I don't know exactly why you'd say yes to that but, if for some reason you did, welcome to the games section! This is where I... man, I just already said what I do here.

Tabletop Games

I really enjoy tabletop RPGs. They're just a fun creative outlet. I'll be posting whatever I'm running up here, both as content and also an easy-access resource for players to get info.

айха́л - The first game in a reset/follow-up to the now-retired "Burritoverse" series of Cyberpunk 2020 games.

Video Games

Look, I really friggin' suck at video games. Why you'd listen to me is beyond me but, if you want to, check some of these pages out!

Sabotage (Apple II, 1981) - The first Apple II game I ever played.
STALKER: Clear Sky (PC, 2008) - The STALKER title I haven't beat.
Agent 64: Spies Never Die (Demo) (PC, 2022) - A neat new (still being made) indie game in the style of Goldeneye.

"Pink Pages"

Stuff down here, on a "Pink Page" because the background is pink, means that it probably contains adult content of an explicit (enough) nature that it has to be marked as an 18+ title.

Even if I don't screenshot it or talk about it there's a good shot that if you end up buying the game you'll end up seeing it. You've been warned.

Hindere Beat (PC, 2016) - A shot-but-charming cynical yuri parkour platformer. Cheap as all heck, too.