He Fucked the Girl Out of Me

Taylor McCue | 2022 | Web, Game Boy, Steam

I grew up in a small semi-rural Pennsylvania town. We really didn't have much in the way of "undesirable activities" as my mom would always call 'em. Every now and then there was a car crash or some drunken fight over who's having sex with who, once there was an accident where someone was wearing all-brown and camo so someone else thought they were an animal during deer season and shot 'em in the leg, but that was about the extent of it.
As I got older I was considered a weirdo, befriending the few town nerds around my age and doing things like playing PC games with them. One of the girls would always talk really highly of online escort services and how she thought it was so cool that people were using tech to get money off of sexy fun. I remember when OnlyFans came around what was it, 2016? I know I was in like sophomore year of high school, people would always talk about how cool it was that they could sell content through it and a lot of people set up accounts to do just that. It sounded like a dream, almost free money.
Skip ahead to 2021, I turned 21, and I was driving up to someone near Buffalo, NY to drop a PC-9821 off to someone from a Discord server 'cause we found it was cheaper for me to pay the $35 in gas than it was to ship it and its monitor and all the games they were buying. When I got to their house, it was a girl around my age in a real nice neighborhood like all of a mile away from Canada. They invited me in, we talked for a while, and eventually I asked 'em how they got the house. They broke down. It was my first time even acknowledging that sex work could be more than "just doing something like onlyfans for fun" and it hurt.
(Don't worry, she's okay and we're quite good friends these days.)

He Fucked the Girl Out of Me is one hell of a ride. I really didn't have fun with my time I put into the game, there was no fun to be had, but I got a lot out of the time it took and I'm really glad I played through it.

If you're wondering what the game is, it's a short (like half an hour or so) visitation to traumatic experiences that the author went through. Most of your time is reading with bits of moving about and interacting with objects or menus between segments of text. I'm not really gonna say much other than what I have + man this hit me hard because I feel like this is something you should just go through yourself.

Please don't do what I did where you read it on your phone at work, everyone might look over at you being a half-sobbing mess and that could be a bit awkward.

If you play the game yourself and valued what you experienced, provided you have the financial stability to spare a few bucks (nothing wrong if you can't, I really hope your situation gets better soon), please consider doing what I did and pass Taylor some money.

You can find the game on itch.io or steam.

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