Atari Jaguar

Atari | 1993 | 68000 + 2x Custom Processors | 2MB RAM | Cartridges | RF, A/V over Edge Connectors

I like the weirdo consoles. The 3DO is my favorite system of all time, I can't deny that, and the other things around that time have always intrigued me.

The Jaguar falls in that "the other things around that time" category, coming out in the same generation as the 3DO, and the specs definitely match. I'm not the expert on those things, Wikipedia does a better job than I could, but who doesn't love that stupid old "It's 64 bit, guys!" marketing?

I don't own a ton of games but I quite love the ones I have. T2K is amazing, Cybermorph is a meme but kinda neat, Zool 2 isn't a horrible platformer, Wolf3D is amazing, Doom isn't half bad, and Club Drive might not be great but it is neat!

The honest only thing I dislike about the Jaguar is that holy hell, they cost a lot nowadays! What's the average eBay sold price (November 5th, 2023), like $300ish for just the console if you're patient? It makes me really sad when I go to stuff like conventions and see these because they'll be asking $400-500 and somehow selling, something something the console market sucks. heck.

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The Jaguar in this page is actually my second unit, I was given it for free by someone I knew from back home who just had it laying around in their attic without wanting it, and I haven't powered the idiot on in years. I recently got this neat little Magnavox B&W monitor from the VCF Oct. '23 Swap Meet so why not test its RF in with this RF-only (as I own no AV cables) system? The image below links off to a very downscaled video of me booting up Zool 2 and letting it play the demo, just something fun.

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