Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo ~Sanshimai to no Dokidoki Kyoudou Seikatsu~ (aka kano3)

Omega Star | 2008 | PC, DVD-PG, UMD-PG

Nukige is a sub-genre of eroge that I really haven't had much care for. I get the appeal, people enjoy sex and sexual content so make a story that only serves a purpose to set up sex scenes which gives 'em what they want. Fair enough. My issue is that I end up actually wanting the story or the characters. I'll find characters I enjoy, art I love, concepts I ad-- haha lol pp in the pussy lmao

Once upon a time I was sitting in a Discord server. People were talking about this game they were calling kano3. It initially sounded neat, that "bunch of people in a house and things go silly" style which I find stupid but enjoyable, but then they brought up that it's yet another nukige. I wasn't gonna try it after reading that, it's not my style, but it was available on UMD-PG. I'm a sucker for the "funny formats", I mean who doesn't love the PlayStation Pornable? I ended up giving in, not only getting a copy for myself but also ones for the people who recommended it.

The first time I played the game, I locked onto Akina's route and it was a solid little time. She's the most funny/derpy/silly up-front, at least to me, and they actually gave those elements a decent of screen time. I really liked that! It took about a month of on-and-off play but I ended up going through and also enjoying all the other routes. I was happy.

For the fun of showing it, here are the boxes for the three versions of the game that I brought to the US. Left image is the base game (this + the fandisc were given to Noelle as a gift), center image is the combo pack (base game + fandisc, was given to Hal as a gift), and right image is the UMD-PG version that I kept. Ain't that neat?

Maybe some day I'll get the fandisc on UMD-PG just to have it next to the base game? It costs a bit but I mean hey, silly game on silly media, I'd say that's right up my alley.

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