айха́л is the first game in a reset/follow-up to the now-retired "Burritoverse" series of Cyberpunk 2020 games It follows a similar idea, players taking the roles of parties who exist in a fairly canon Cyberpunk 2020 world but have the power to throw things off through what they do.

The year is 2003. Markus Povezlo, a famed explorer in the currently degenerating world, tipped people off that an urban locality in Siberia named айха́л contains all sorts of odd valuable items which the outside would would die for. He claims that a majority of his wealth comes from that one town alone, it's the greatest expiditon he ever took, and there's more than enough for others to make similar trips and gain similar amounts of wealth.

айха́л is, to the outside world, nothing more than the destroyed remains of a war between the Neo-Soviet Federal Central Committee and the newly-privatized Neo-Soviet Oil Combine. To those who have attempted the trek, the road to айха́л is hell on earth. The remaining local population is made of warring social rejects who created similarly-minded factions. The flora is only gray, brown, or a rusty red. The fauna looks zombified. Survival rates of inexperienced travelers are low.

Players act as yet another group of traveling scavengers. Their background does not matter very much. They know that they were too poor to not take this trip. What's left at home in their current state, a miserable life under a large corporation in a dying world? It was just discovered that Euro Business Machines hired terrorists to try and kidnap suits from Orbital Air, would anyone sane really want to get dragged into that meaningless corporate war that it seems the world is about to devolve into?

There's only 150km of road left. There aren't enough supplies to easily turn around. The only way out of misery is through this journey. What could айха́л possibly hold?

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System - Changes from Stock

As-mentioned, айха́л is based on the Cyberpunk 2020 system. For a list of modifications:

System - Character Generation

  1. Distribute 54 points among your nine main attribute. No attribute may be lower than 2 or greater than 10.
  2. Do lifepath however you feel. The game assumes some of your backstory so this element isn't very important.
  3. Determine your skill points using the following: INT + REF + 25
  4. Use your Advantage and Disadvantage table if you would please.
  5. Distribute your remanining skill points among skills as you please. No skill maye have a starting value greater than 10.
  6. Have ₽500
  7. Pick out your starting equipment, and take your starting "freebies".

Game - Factions

айха́л contains a few large, and many small, groups who fight for whatever cause they feel is best. Some of these are known to the outside world, some of these are exclusively local, all of them are noteworthy.

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Game - Session Recaps

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