айха́л - History

This page will show you a timeline of the last few years of events, locally and worldwide, which led up to айха́л becoming what it is.

1990: Mikhail Gorbachev, stepping down from his position in government, appoints Andrei Gorborev to finish his reformation plans.

1992: The United States, not wanting to give up world power to the forming European Economic Community (EEC), decides to push for isolation. They deny any and all aid to the Soviets, making sure NATO members follow suit. This cripples the Soviets until the EEC, properly established later in the year, defies the United States and sends things such as food and aid to the Soviets. This causes the Soviets to accept the Eurodollar, the new global standard for currency.
The Soviets start experimenting with high-energy lasers in an array to lift objects.

1993: Maddened by their loss of power, the US National Security Agency starts a campaign to harm the structure of the EEC. They attempt to disrupt treaty talks between the EEC and Soviets but they fail.

1994: The Soviet Union is over, turning into the Union of Sovereign Soviet Republics. Some refer to them as the Neo-Soviets. They're similar to the EEC, a series of soverign states who engage in free trade, share an army, and keep the same foreign policy.
The EEC discovers that the United States had been hacking European and Asian stock markets in an effort to seem more wealthy than they actually were. The EEC leaks this information to the world which causes all countries to embargo the US, crashing the US economy and starting the Collapse.

1996: The Neo-Soviet oil industry is in shambled. The Neo-Soviets control much land for drilling oil but are producing almost nothing. Republics argue over just how much control a theoretical central committe should have but never reach a conclusion. Gorborev names Anatoly Novikovo, the Siberian delegate, as the head of the new State Oil Industries Subcomittee. He promoted Yarno Kurgasyn, the delegate from Kazakhstan, to be his deputy director. With two representatives from large oil-producing countries heading this subcomittee, they start work towards consolidating the Soviet oil industry into being controlled by a single corporation known as the Soviet State Oil Industries.

1997: Renegade units from the KGB, wanting to hold onto the past, wage a war against Gorborev-sided reformist armies.
Novikovo successfully lobbies for the right to have his own private security force to protect from the violent KGB members. Gorborev approves this despite some argument from other subcommittes. The State Oil Industries start forming their army using remnants of OMON, the Otryad Militsii Osobogo Naznacheniya, the special police forces of the Militsiya.

1998: Novikovo finishes forming the Soviet State Oil Industries, finally having all the resources he needs in his hands. They start being called the SGKP, "KeroSov", or "SovOil" in the west.
Groups of extreme KGB agents, in a final attempt to stop state reform, decide to target various high-value points of industry within the country. айха́л, notable for containing two of the largest diamond mines in the world with an estimated ~211,000,000 carats of extractable material, is selected as a point for their domestic terror campign. They deploy three nuclear weapons, one within each mine and the third in the main town, alongside ten experimental biological weapons. These instantly kill around 8,500, destroy the local environment, and shut down any chance at meaningful operations.

1999: Biotechnica, the developer of a fossil fuel replacement known as CHOOH2, gives a license for exclusive production to Parker Petrochemicals. The SGKP sees the potential threat which this is to their own profitability.

2000: Millenium cults, formed out of fear for the calander turning from 1999 to 2000, cause chaos all around the world on January 1st. Around five thousand crimes consisting of rapes, murders, and suicides are reported from the USSR alone.
Novikovo, seeing the relationship between the SGKP and the USSR quickly falling apart, starts quiet talks of breaking away. He wins the support of Sergei Kirsanov, a delegate to Russia and the commander of his security forces. Kurgasyn agrees with his thoughts and secession starts being planned.
Markus Povezlo, a man starting to be known for his explorations, takes an eight-month trip to айха́л. He documents his adventures but doesn't release much to the public, only telling tales of odd beasts, cultists who worship a mysterious stone within the Yubileynaya Diamond Mine, and a mysterious gemstone which he claims he held against a bullet wound in his leg to have it healed fully within an hour. Most consider his tales to be completely fictional but others, inspired by what he said, decide to take their own trips.

2001: Tired of outsiders causing chaos in their home, a little over half of the survivors of the 1998 attacks in айха́л form into a group they call Заказ, Order. They put out a single transmission to the outside world, explaining that they wish to destroy айха́л for good and threaten those wishing to explore the ruins with death.
Disagreeing with the statements put out by the others, around a quarter of the remaining population decides to tall themselves Пионеры, Pioneers. They form on the idea that айха́л shouldn't be blocked off to the outside, instead free for all to benefit from. They start aiding explorers in hopes that outside focus may clean up and even revive their old town.

2002: Novikovo tells Kirsanov to put his security forces onto full alert, transfer military reserves onto company sites, and annouces that the State Oil Industries will be turning into a private corporation by seceding from the Central Committee. Gorborev orders USSR forces to seize all SGKP resources but, as the USSR had nothing more than a weak and uncoordinated set of troops, they quickly fell to the SGKP defense forces. With no possible way to win, Gorborev gives in and acknowledges the SGKP as an independent organization.
Novikovo and Kurgasyn purge any undesirables from the SGKP, disbanding the Oil Industries Subcomittee and only re-inviting those who supported their rebellion. Novikovo is named Chairman, Kurgasyn is named Cheif Deputy.
Gorborev resigns from the USSR Central Committee, feeling like he personally failed the people. Igor Starobin gets elected as the new president.
Novikovo, seeing new leadership, extends an offer to still serve Neo-Soviet state interest and no longer require state money in exchange for free operation among all republics. The Neo-Soviets accepted as Starobin knew that he held no control over resources or a meaningful military.

2003: The SGKP is changed to the SMKP, the new "Soviet World Oil Industries", while still keeping the KeroSov/SovOil nicknames.
SovOil announces a campaign to develop oil drilling in Siberia and countries around the Caspian Sea. Investors bought heavily into the new corporation, knowing that nobody else could possibly drill with the Middle East being a nuclear wasteland after the 1997 Meltdown. Novikovo let directorate members buy stock first, keeping the structure of the corporation intact while allowing very few foreigners to gain enough power for having a board seat. He remains as the majority partner.
A group of three explorers, seeking out anything from knowledge to riches, starts their journey into айха́л.

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