Hindere Beat (PC, 2016)

This is a "Pink Page" because:
Two girls have pixel art sex.

Some years ago, maybe 2015ish but I don't honestly remember when, I was browing Steam for a way to spend a few dollars left in my account. I found this game called Jump/Boxer that looked like it might be fun for an hour or two. It was also like $0.50 or something crazy low. I bought it, I played it for maybe two or three hours, and I enjoyed it enough. The controls were extremely stiff for a game with a big focus on jumping around but hey, whatever, it was good fun!

Browsing my Steam library last night, I saw this title named "iaidoka_interlude" and had no idea what it was. Turns out it's a rename, and update, for Jump/Boxer. It even has an itch.io page now. Thinking that was really cool, I decided I'd check out what else the same dev, Blaze Epic, has made.

Day 1: Hours 0 - 1

The game starts off kinda odd but I don't mind it. You're Fumika, a girl who missed her train stop, and you end up at the end of the line. Another girl, Ayumi, is there and says she's been waiting for you. Something about going on a date? "She's someone I've never spoke to before even though we graduated together in high-school" is the provided relation, good enough.

The tutorial for the game is pretty nice. Ayumi tells you she wants to go somewhere so you take off running to the right. Little graphics on the walls tell you what does what, simple enough.

Screens are pretty cool. You enter a screen and it may looks like this

When you progress through the screen, the "view" changes to show you a different part of the same screen. Neat stuff. I like it.

Oh look, an excuse for parkour! heh. Ayumi took you to a locked-up building to "investigate rumors" inside it, hmm...

I'm with Fukima on this one. Kinda a strange date spot to me, not gonna lie, but I don't know. Maybe this is just a normal girl's night these days? I guess it could be fun.

The security drones are fun to me. They look goofy, they're simple, and they make a really nice "Piiiing" noise when you slap them. Just make sure you slap them off a ledge or into a wall, they have flamethrowers! They kinda introduce a "stealth" element in that, well, sometimes you'll find yourself hanging off a ledge until they turn around so you don't die. That ain't too bad. Other enemies follow a similar pattern, they have some unique thing (the long-neck dudes have a long reach) and some easy takedown (jump-kick or two quick ones does the job) that isn't too awkward to deal with.

Something kinda funky I'm noticing is how the building itself keeps changing. I go in a door, get a thing, go out, and the layout is different. Wonder if that's part of the "supernatural" aspect?

Haha, whoops, I cloned myself. No idea how that hapepend, when I left the room it fixed right up.

It's always those stupid corporations... wait, okay, so let me piece this togehter: We just wall-kicked around a place, punched superantrual beings, blew up security drones, and then had a good twenty-screen scene of the girls suddenly making out while having a deep conversation at the same time because we're investigating a weird supernatural building but it's actually a corporate tower? Cyberpunk yuri, did I get that right? Ha. Ain't that a setup.

This is a date I can get behind.

What in the Price of Persia-loving heck did we just walk into here? I thought we were just grabbing some food from the convenience store before swiping a security keycard off a bartender! Ayumi...

Get the stuff we need, go to the convenience store, torture the clerk by being stupid about all the food being unhealthy, get back to the bar, steal a keycard, and it's onto the next part of the game. It's also where I'm going to take a break, my fingers are a little cramped up after a while of holding them on arrow keys. Maybe I should take the dev recommendation and play with a controller.

So, initial impressions? Cool game! I'm gonna probably play an hour of this a day until I beat it. It's a neat platformer with some quirky controls, some stuff like ledge-grab vs. pulling yourself up can be a little janky and walk you into cheap deaths, but hey it's a charming little title so far. I don't play many platformers so I'm not gonna get these Steam achievements of "die less than 10 times per chapter" but I will enjoy myself.

Day 1.1: Hours 1-2.25 (End)

Having thought about stuff while writing, I had to re-visit the game really quickly in an attempt to do something kinda big:

Just what the hell is the plot, anyways?

No, seriously, I haven't understood any of the character dialog up to this point. I mean I'm getting the base ideas but the open on "I don't know this girl but now we're exploring a corporate tower but no we're going to this other corporate thing..."

Yeah, that's about where my brain is too.

Yep I'm still lost, how did we go from "we need to stop a corporation" to "we actually have no evidence that we need to stop a corporation" to "I'm going to fuck you" again?

Seriously, how did we get here again?

I re-read some of the marketing material and they mention all over about it being a "cynical" game. The characters talk about how they're "cynical" and a lot of the dialog is extremely randomly deep yet not really going anywhere at the same time. I guess this is an example of it... we meet some what I can only assume to be random girl, she in her own self-interest drags us into doing some crazy stuff, then she in her own self-interest takes to spontaneous sexual activity. Am I doing this right? 'cause, really, I am still entirely confused. Unless later portions of this game explain more, I'm probably going to need a whole second playthrough to understand this.

So you finish up what I've titled "randomsex.png" because I don't get the lead-in at all, and you fall asleep. You wake up in a classroom and some girl is asking you to be a student council vice president? Then you go in the hallway and Ayumi is there, she now calls you Mika-nee-chan, and you're now in some sort of social experiment I guess. Something something "media teaches people what's "cool" so I set up stuff so we can be "cool" so just follow with my experiment" and yep, I'm still lost.

five minutes later...

The game ends up giving an answer to my confusion like twenty minutes later but, in the spirit of leaving something important out so that if someone wants to buy the game there's good reason to, yeaaaaah. It ain't bad, it's kinda absurd so it's like "what" but at the same time a lot of the lead-up has been absurd. I think I also get a slight answer to my "what's the cynical thing?" 'cause, again, not gonna spoil it. There's a joke about visual novels in there and I got a giggle out of it.

I... there really isn't a ton I can talk about because I'm going to not talk about the whole explanation above.

You keep getting little directions which have the word "balcony" in them. Go into my balcony to find things to make a thing, go into the balcony to get a key...

Every damn time you go into a balcony some sort of turret is sitting there waiting for you. I don't get it. Does everyone just put flamethrowers in their house these days? What the heck?

There's a lot of random sexual tension in the novel portions so, of course, you eventually get it relieved. Good lord there are a lot of adjectives in the dialog for it all. Kinda funny.

After more stuff I can't talk about, well, the game ends.


Hindere Beat is a simple platformer with simple enemies, simple goals, simple graphics, simple music, and simple characters.

It does get a little repetitive, it just doesn't last too long

It is pretty confusing, they just answer all the questions as long as you don't spam through the novel portions.

It was a good time. I'm happy.

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