Hinedere Beat (PC, 2016)


This is a "Pink Page" because:
Pixel girls do various sexual acts with each-other.

This page has been partially rewritten on 3/12/2023 because:
I originally decided I'd write in some stupid style I don't enjoy. Wanted to fix that.

If you would like to buy this game, you can find it on Itch.io for $1.99.

Some years ago, maybe 2015ish, I was browing Steam for a way to spend a few dollars. I found this game called Jump/Boxer, I like parkour games, it was like $0.50 or something crazy low, and I bought it. It was very stiff but hey, it was fun for the few hours it lasted.

Browsing my Steam library, I saw this title named "iaidoka_interlude" and had no idea what it was. Turns out it's a rename mixed with an update for Jump/Boxer. It even has an itch.io page now. Thinking that was kinda neat, I decided I'd check out what else the same dev, Blaze Epic, has made.

Hinedere Beat describes itself as a "cynical yuri platformer" and, y'know, it lives up to that. You're Fumika, a girl who's on a date with another (Ayumi). You go through some fairly odd places, ranging from a stop at the convenience shop to uncovering secrets from a corporate tower, but they're all things that interest the two of you. Of course, because this is a pink page, you take it a little farther than just running around town and contemplating things like what society deems "cool" at various points in the game.

Going through the game only takes a few hours. About 3/4ths of that time will be platforming, a mix of run/jump and simple parkour. It's simple to control, arrows and a few other buttons do everything that you need. They do recommend using a controller but I didn't find it very nessecary. Sometimes it feels a little stiff but it's never frustrating.

If I have one big "negative", it's the writing. This takes up the other quarter of your playtime. In the game, you wake up confused on a train. In real life, I was confused for the first half of the game. Why am I on a date with this girl that's "someone I've never spoke to before even though we graduated together in high-school"? Why am I jumping across rooftops, putting myself in front of lethal things, and going through the dungeons of Prince of Persia for them? Why am I randomly extremely depressed about everything and commenting about how society sucks? The game does do a decent enough job explaining most of the points, the date plot definitely wraps up into something that I actually quite enjoyed, but the things it leaves hanging never really clear up. There were a few times where I had to re-load an old save and replay the last three cutscenes just to understand what the heck I was even doing.

I enjoyed the art. It's simple, everything like scenes has a simple set of colors which let you know where you are, and it gots the job done. I think there were only two times when I was confused where to go, say a ledge color blending into the background, but a bit of throwing myself at stuff quickly solved the questions I had. Cutscenes were sometimes a little awkward, faces in odd positions or implied angles being a bit silly, but it was never noticable enough that I felt removed from what I was doing.

For $1.99, a pretty good price for a game to fill a night, I'm happy. Hinedere Beat was just cool. It's not the greatest thing in the world, there are obvious flaws, but it's good enough that I felt like writing a page about it. The dev hasn't put out anything similar since, there are two "simulator" games that both seem to have a fairly high focus on sex, but I wouldn't mind seeing more from 'em. Maybe I'll get some of the other stuff they did? I dunno. I think I just like giving indie devs my cash.

TL;DR: Hinedere Beat is a parkour platformer. It's a bit janky at times, the writing and movement can get confusing, but it's still good fun. I'm happy with my purchase. Thanks to the dev for putting it out!

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