Growing up, I played the Clarinet and Oboe. I had a Zune and I really liked to listen to bands like Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, The Black Keys, Jamiroquai, and basically any rap put out by Def Jux or Rhymesayers.

Getting older, I got into screwing around with Didgeridoos and Synthesizers. The Zune became a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I listened to more of the same, just now with electronic music thrown in. A whole lotta Anamanaguchi.

Nowadays, well, I really just enjoy anything which makes funny noises. I also own too many music playing devices. This section is dedicated to all that stuff. Media players, instruments, albums I really liked... who knows, maybe some day I'll try making some music with all the random gear laying around? If I do, you'll see it on this page.


Yamaha EMT-1 - A werid thing I found for a penny and shipping.
Roland SC-88 Pro - A repair project, a cool MIDI box, and a generous sale. Thanks, Speedy!