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I'm almost surprised that I haven't been hurt at a concert yet.

Music is just a good thing.

Having stuff to listen to really helps in a lot of situations. Bored with "nothing to do"? Vibing to an album is always a cool way to fill the time. On a car ride? Having some music helps me stay awake. Want an excuse to travel? Live music is pretty sweet.

I've never made much music but I like to try. I have a Game Boy (DMG) with a LSDJ cartridge. I keep some synthesizers around, a Yamaha SY77 is my main workstation. Every now and then I play around with the YM2203 or YM2608 via my C86Box. I still have my oboe and bass clarinet from when I was a kid. I'd like to think that putting something out would be fun.

I like listening to a fair few generes. My usual "blankets" are metal, electronic, and rap. If you hop in my car, the YouTube Music auto-mix thing will probably give 90% those and 10% whatever else. I'll try to venture out of that range for live shows pretty often, seeing entirely unfamiliar things is always a good time.

I'll be going to Wacken Open Air 2024. I've always been a bit of a metalhead. I've always wanted another excuse to go visit Europe. Why not go to a big show with tens of thousands of other metalheads? I haven't been to a festival in a few years. I'm hoping it's a good time.

At some point after the event, expect random writing here. I think it would be neat to put some pictures up.

I bought an Arturia MicroFreak Stellar. I know, Guitar Center sucks. I was given gift cards. Can you really blame me?

I'll make a page about it and the SY77 at some point soon. I find the $300 synthesizer as cool as the formerly $2,300 synthesizer.

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