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Have you ever wanted to listen to PC98 music with a real C-Bus sound card on a modern computer?
C86Box is one heck of a little thing. It's a USB -> C-Bus converter box with two slots, some dedicated software for reading .s98 files to said converter box, and a silly little dream.

I bought this thing a year or two back, I don't honestly remember when, and it's been such a useful little tool. I can get random sound cards, plop them in here, test them for function, and even do some light debugging by popping the case off and having an easy-access way to probe things while it attempts to play music.

You can find the C86Box website by clicking this link, they're sold on kadenken and any proxy bidder will happily bring it to the US for you. I'm quite the fan of mine!

Front Back Power Supply

Want to hear some examples of audio? Here are a few game tracks being played from the line output of a MSI/Idol Japan Speak Board into the line input of my PC:

Alpha (Warning: Starts with a loud noise)
Hydlide 3
Viper V8

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