CDP1802's Stuff for Sale


I'll be the first to admit, I have way too much crap. I run this cycle of "I find a platform, I buy every model that exists for it, I enjoy it for a year, I realize the two or three things from the 50 that I acutally care about, and I focus on those things". I should probably get rid of some of the extras, no?

Listed prices don't include shipping. I'd call it free but a lot of this stuff may be big and awkward, I'd rather hear how you want it shipped and get rates instead of forcing UPS or jacking the price to make up for other couriers. For reference, I'm in Pennsylvania (United States) so feel free to make your own estimates based off of that.

All money generated through this page will go towards funding repairs, documentation, cloning projects, and digitizing various obscure software.

If you want to buy something, message me on Discord as I'll see it the fastest. I'm on at least four or five times a day at CDP#1802


Atari 7800 - Console, PSU, 1x Coffin Joystick, Xevious - $50
A system I thought I'd use then proceeded to just not use. The silver strip is a bit ugly, not sure if it can be fixed.

Atari Jaguar - Console, PSU, RF Modulator, 1x Controller, 3x Games (DOOM, Tempest 2000, Wolfenstein 3D) - $250
I bought a "parts" Jaguar forever ago and it turns out the thing works just fine. I don't need extras so I'd like to find this one a new home.

NES (Front Loader) - Console, PSU, RF Modulator, Controller, SMB/Duck Hunt and some random other game - $50
I don't need two of these, I'd be glad to pass it to someone who doesn't have one.

Computers & Hardware

Assorted LSI-11/23+ Bits - M8189 + M8059 + RQDX3 + H9276 - $250
The "heart" of my first LSI-11/23+. CPU + 2x Serial + 128KW RAM + FDD/MFM controller with a four-by-nine Q/CD backplane. The final slot of the H9276 backplane had a chip taken out of the corner but still works. I don't use any of it now that I have a VT103 and 11/70, maybe a good start for a small system? I know it's enough to run RT-11 via TU58FS.

CMD CQD-223/TM - S-Box Handles - $50
A neat-looking Q-Bus SCSI controller, I no longer have an S-Box enclosure to hold it. I also just don't need SCSI. I'd list it with the 11/23+ bits but, unless you added a grant continuity card to space things out, this physically won't fit meaning it electrically won't work.

Fujitsu FM-77D2 - Computer - $75
I have two of these, I've never even tried to use either of them, and I don't know what to do with them. The one drive eject lever is a bit stuck so it'll need some care.

Microvoice/Yodobashi Formula-1 - Computer + Power Cable - $150
A really nice CP/M luggable with a built-in EPROM burner. No system disks but the image is avaiable. There's some slight damage on the lid. Just not too up my alley.

Mattel Aquarius - Computer - $50
A system I just never use. If I can find the mini expander, fairly certain I have one, I'll throw it in for free.

NEC PC-9801E - Comptuer - $40
Another case of a "parts system" that I don't need, it's the base computer and nothing else. If I can find some -02 RAM cards I'll throw them in.

NEC PC-9821V20 (Tower) - Computer - $75
I was meaning to do a project with this but it turns out I don't much care for most late-era systems. It works okay enough, the case could just use some love.

NEC PC-9821V166/S7C (Desktop) - Computer - $100, $125 with G8XZU Mod
It's not in the prettiest condition but hey, the thing works and I'm sure you could make the FDD bezel white again. If you want YMF288 audio on-board, I have the parts and will happily mod the G8XZU for like $25 more.

NEC PC-9801VX - Computer - $50
Another case of me owning doubles. The back of the case is a little bent, it also has a cursed second FDD which for some reason magically works after sitting for months, but the thing boots fine enough.


Bomber Quest - 3.5" - $15
Dalk - 3.5" - $15
Dream Program System SG - 5" - $10
Dream Program System SG Set 2 - 5" - $10
Filsnown - 5.25", w/CD - $25
Mugen-Hoyo - CD - $10
Mug-R - 3.5" - $15 Rance 4.1 - CD - $10
Rance 4.2 - CD - $10
Viper GTSRS - 5.25" - $15

Kichikuou Rance - CD - $10
Rance 4 - CD - $10

Viper V6 Turbo - $15