CDP1802's Personal Stuff

I don't want to put my "personal" pages, the pages about my personal stuff, all over the main part of this site so welcome to the sub-section for just that!

Things are going to get rambly and sometimes randomly emotional around these parts, I'm sorry but this is my space for stuff about me. By being here, you're along for the (usually pretty boring) ride.

Links like the main page will eventually go here, I think I'll restart a post-based blog to just ramble for the sixth(?) time and I'd like to put some sort of "About Me" back.

IRL Stuff:

Boxes are still being packed, some had to get torn apart and changed/others are just waiting on me to have time to finish small parts. If you're waiting on a box from me, hopefully you'll have it by Christmas.

I've got November 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th off because work's been doing well enough for a proper Thanksgiving shutdown! I'm hoping to get some more cleaning done, there's still a few monitors and oddball systems on the floor around here, and if all goes well maybe I'll hit up somewhere like Home Depot or Lowes to see if I can get a nicer 6ft workbench?

Work's getting busy as we had one person walk out and there's another person who's probably gone within a few weeks tops. I'm a bit sad that I don't have as much free time but it is what it is, I hope the best for those two and I hope whoever we get next will be nice.

I have no concerts planned at the moment except for Wacken 2024 and trying to see Dream Theater on their next tour with Portnoy coming back.

Website Stuff:

I decided I wanted to redo a few sections and so far, so good?

I apologize for things being slow but I promise I'll try to keep reasonable pace, I've been enjoying adding at least one or two pages a week anyways.

Brain Stuff:

In an effort to keep my really not good at being stable brain somewhat stable, funny joke I know, I'm making some moves to dip out of some things and try to just keep a pleasant environment where I can vibe along without any real major hiccups.

Apologies for being things like A) Missing in 90% of the Discord channels, B) Barely responding to emails, and C) Probably wanting to stay kinda reclusive in irl stuff, I just don't want to get into something uncomfortable and ruin any positive change I've made.

If you're reading this in November of 2023, you probably know I disappeared off Coal Burners. I'll be back in due time, the current personal goal is to get the most basic configuration of my CB-1802 project up and working. That includes case work so it might be like two months, all else failing if I don't have good progress by Christmas vacation then I'll probably come back then.

I have been feeling a lot better with the little break and working on stuff so I hope I can keep high spirits when I come back.

Video Stuff:

There's like 80% of a video of me talking about the '82 ASCII BASIC ten-line coding competition, specifically the Skiing game which I have in the games section in this case.

I have no idea when I'll finish it all up but hopefully by the end of the year I'll get it out? It's a simple little piece of work, just some footage of me with the computer and then stuff like the competition itself, explaining how the game works, and playing the thing.

If all goes well I may just try to go through as many entries as I can find the info on because I think that would be cool.

BBS Stuff:

The LSI-11/23+ is together, happily booting, and has eight serial lines. I'm still debating if I'll really code and run a BBS or if I'm just doing a timeshare system, maybe just timesharing since the OSI has that sixteen-port card which could be fun to try and make something to use?


You might see pages marked *r after their titles, these are what I call "renewal" pages. Pretty much, I had this whole mental realization that some issues in the recent past caused me to struggle to interact with art like I used to. I'm trying to renew the love I had for things so I'm letting people suggest me games, music, books, etc. to sit down with and run through. The pages are gonna be more personal so I'm sorry if they're sappy but it just is what it is.

Some entries have content warnings while others with more clearly 18+ content are in /18plus. Again, note the "more personal pages to me" thing, expect me to get all sappy about stuff.

When I feel like I've found solutions to my issues, these sections will stay. I'm sure my future self will like the reminders of the past and seeing how I've developed.

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