I've always thought cameras were neat things, boxes that let you capture images for the future. I wouldn't claim that I'm great with them, no way in hell will I ever hit that point, but I do really enjoy them.

Here's a random little place for me to put the pictures I've taken. I don't claim any of these good, I just think they're neat. As-always, click the thumbnail for the full-sized copy.

Birds: It's fun trying to get photos of all the different birds around my yard. It's pretty tough getting focus right but hey, at least a few came out okay!
Note: I got the hummingbird out of my garage, don't worry about them sitting up on the canoe line.

Messing Around With "Night Sight": My phone, a Galaxy S22, has this "night sight" mode that I sometimes like to play with. Here are a few shots of one of the places I like to take walks in the winter from December of 2022.

Random Backyard Mushrooms: I walked outside to grill up a few burgers and saw these little idiots growing under a bush by my porch. Normally I only see these dudes in the spring, it's currently fall, but the weather has been great for them to grow as it's like 45F-60F every day and fairly wet. I always think mushrooms are cool so I figured I'd take a few photos for the fun of it.

Bread: Noelle inspired me, after showing me all sorts of loaves she's baked and even giving me a really amazing subtly sweet/cinnamon-y loaf, to try my hand at baking my own fresh bread. I finally got to it (nov. 17th, '23) using a recipe that my friend Sarah gave me for a "two-ish hour milk bread" and it was really fun! Look at that goofy loaf.

The Laserdisc Player: Pioneer made some pretty cool-looking players, eh? Some day I'll have a proper page on this idiot, I wanna do some preventative maintenance on it to keep it running for longer, but for now I figure it can go here. Don't worry, it's on a shelf with its Pioneer PX-V7 MSX friend playing funny old games nowadays instead of still being on the floor!

Shelf Doodads: I like to keep random things on my shelves that I enjoy. As I type this (November 26th, 2023) I'm reorganizing my basement which means reorganizing some shelf doodads. They're neat!

current shelf doodads: crubm cuptoast plush + hat, maccy and twoee, and big pill + trans flag froggit

LKit-8 Fliers: I took up an interest in the PFU LKit-8, a Fujitsu 6800-based single board computer system that could get expanded out into a big 'ol card bus system with a S100 chassis-type model called the F-PDT8, so any time I find documentation on Yahoo Auctions I have to have it. I'll get full scans on each of these documents in time, it's just a mild pain getting straight/even copies that I can merge together to make the proper "full view" since these are tri-folds or cinema-sized posters.

Taking A Walk: My friend Noelle and I took a little trip to Columbus OH in February, just an excuse to get out of the house and see something different. We needed to kill a little time for Ikea to open up on a Sunday and there was this cool ~3mi flat trail to a dam just north of town. It looked pretty! It was also pretty cold.

Solar Eclipse: My house was in the path of totallity for the Solar Eclipse that passed through the US on April 8th, 2024. I got a few little phone pictures, a few shots on the Pentax too. As I type this it's still the day of, I haven't dumped the camera card out just yet, but have one little picture!

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